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Instructions to authors

Terms of publications,

Proposal articles to NCN journal

The NCN Journal reserves the rights to refuse to publish any articles at its own discretion.

The NCN Journal reserves the rights to refuse to publish any articles at its own discretion.

The National Credit News Journal (NCN) publishes original articles, brief notes and recent developed related to business topics such as;  managing accounts receivables, Commercial and customer’s credit, human resources and general management.

NCN mission is to provide hands on knowledge and experience to business professionals and small business owners about the different business topics in the hopes to not only inform but also teach something to our readers.

Instructions to authors (continued)

Only articles that correspond with the following criteria listed below will be considered for eventual publication.

  • The articles must have a minimum of 750 words, written either in French or English and should not have been previous publish or propose for publication to another organization. Priority will be given to articles with 1000 words or more.
  • Only articles written in French and English will be published in the national edition. Articles with a national subject will have a review priority.
  • An initial audit is offered to provide you  feedback "guide" on your article before its final submission. Send us your draft to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be glad to assist you. Emails will be answered within 72 hours (working days) after receipt.  Also, if necessary, we can refer you to a translator service.
  • Claims written must be factual and easily verifiable by one or more external sources (reports or datas).  The article must either mention the summary of the report or data or indicates where such data can be found or it must provide a link to where the data can be found. A hyperlink or the webpage address must be submitted with all articles submitted.
  • If articles which related to legal issues are submitted, the law article as well as any jurisprudence must be clearly identified and a linked the information site which can be obtained free as well. In the case this link is on corporate law firm website. The authors must make sure that Corporation or law firms must keep this links active for 12 months after the article is publish.
  • If the claims are related to personal or professional life experience of the author, the author must provide to NCN Journal the exact details of his professional experience and a summary list of the participants, customers, suppliers that will confirmed these statements.

All information collected will be used to demonstrate the credibility of the author, while establishing a bond of trust with readers. Be prepared to provide us with information from these people because they are your only valid source of references.

Please note that no articles will be published by NCN Journal if the author does not have the expertise or the topic covered was a reporting of fact that has not been directly involved in their professional duties.

  • NCN Journal makes no warranty or representation as to the use of attraction articles submitted by our employees or any other third parties
  • Author’s biography must be submitted with each article and, despite the fact it was previously submitted.
  • The author’s experiences must have a direct link with the subject covered by the article.
  • By submitting an article to NCN Journal, all your rights related to this article including but not limited to  your copyright will be transferred to NCN Journal.

Structure section

The text of the article will include an introduction (which states the subject), followed by sections corresponding to the body of the article explaining the facts, ideas , discussion of results, etc..  and a conclusion.